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Operanesia – February 2017

With the weather forecast showing showers in the lead up to this years Operanesia picnic we were lucky enough to avoid the rain on the evening.

The team worked extremely hard to get the stage and grounds ready for the approximately 500 people that had pre-purchased their tickets to arrive at 4:30pm.

Our final count at the gate was over 550 people.

Once everyone had found their spots and set themselves up the show started.

All 550 + people sat on the lawn and enjoying their picnic, while watching and listening to our singers.

The music of the boys of Operanesia and the soprano of Marlena Devoe was excellent.

Marlena was outstanding and she has a busy schedule back in Europe in the middle of the year.

Overall, we all had a delightful evening picnicking in the lovely garden of Jones road, Omaha.

We are looking forward to seeing you all there again next year!

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