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Thank You Video 2022

A 'thank you ' from our artists for the generosity of our supporters who donated their Matakana Picnic tickets to the performers.

This lovely 28 minute video was recorded in The Auckland Opera Studio on the day of our scheduled Opera Picnic. 

Although a video is no substitute for live performance, we are sure you will enjoy this delightful short concert.    

Amelia Berry, Natasha Te Rupe Wilson, Fredi Jones and Somi Kim

Video Concert 2020

An upside of the Covid19 lockdown was that we were able to gather these five exceptionally talented individuals, who are presently in New Zealand, to meet at the Auckland Opera Studio and perform for us. Enjoy their exquisite performances...

Amitai Pati, Eliza Boom, Natasha Te Rupe Wilson, Manase Latu, Somi Kim   

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