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The Auckland Opera Studio offers singing and performance coaching from some of the most acclaimed teachers in the world

 – including the highly respected Frances Wilson (ONZM) .


Many youngsters, often from humble backgrounds, have gone on to help keep New Zealand famous on the world stage.


With the help of donors, subscribers and supporters, the Auckland Opera Studio is effectively a creative incubator that…

  • Helps young singers break through the boundaries of their own limiting beliefs;

  • Creates performance opportunities for singers to gain experience;

  • Provides sustained development – in an atmosphere of input – for professional and promising singers;

  • Creates an environment of knowledge, enthusiasm and support;

  • Is a professional support system to help singers continue honing their art;

  • Caters to young talent preparing for overseas studies; and

  • Helps professional singers prepare for their next engagement.


We encourage anyone who is interested in partaking of these classes to contact us.

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